Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Controlling interest

Corporate warfare here at Columnist Manifesto

Rising Jurist is an entertaining blog by a second year law student. It not only has one of the cooler layouts -- a sleek, uncluttered look adorned only with late 19th century caricature sketches of the legal profession -- but also features great quotes from classes. Check the archive here and scroll down to the posts between 2/18 and 2/28 for a taste.

But here's a surprise: Rising Jurist owns my blog!

That's right. Over, the past week, as reported here by BlogShares, Rising Jurist has purchased a net of 3500 shares of Columnist Manifesto, thereby aquiring a controlling 70% interest.

What is BlogShares, you ask? I'm not sure I can explain. It seems to be some sort in web game that rates Blogs, like the TTLB ecosystem, but does so by analogy to the stock market. Unlike the ecosystem, it is interactive, and you can buy and sell shares of blogs.

Weird? No more so, I suppose, then finding what bizarre Google searches produce CM at the top of the search results.

But here's what is weird. As far as I know, Rising Jurist has not linked to me more than once. So why the interest in my blog shares? Some theories:
1. I am about to be fired, and will be replaced as author of Columnist Manifesto by some hack writer more congenial to corporate headquarters over at Rising Jurist.

2. I am about to receive a memo on Rising Jurist letterhead directing me to stop using the word "butt," and to stop making fun of President Bush.

3. I am about to receive a memo on Rising Jurist letterhead expressing concern about my recent obsession with “slapping” and directing me to meet with the new Employee Assistance Program to deal with it.

4. I am about to learn that Columnist Manifesto has been shut down, and that my space on blogspot, my blogroll and my archives have been sold off.
It’s been many years since I studied corporate law – Gordon, Christine, help me out here: what do I do? Do I need a White Knight? A poison pill?

UPDATE: Rising Jurist -- or should I say, One Blue Sun, Inc.? -- seems to be a holding company that owns controlling interests in SCOTUSblog and The Blog of Nate, as well as substantial minority positions in several other blogs. I will also add that, since he has begun acquiring CM shares, the price of CM has skyrocketed from $1.65 to $116. Finally, my investigation has turned up, not only the portfolio of this corporate raider of the blogosphere, but also the secret identity of the Rising Jurist himself.


This is too funny. I've been following this site ever since my friend Angry Pregnant Lawyer pointed it out to me. I am 70% owned by this guy.

Your fine blog, of course, is worth more than mine. But Angry Pregnant Lawyer is worth more than both of us...
Hey, what can I say? You've got a promising blog!

BlogShares is great fun - a shame it has no real-world value, but it's good for a laugh.... And scarily addicting...

I'm ashamed to say that I actually read very few of the blogs that I "own" shares in (and most of the blogs I do read are far to popular on BlogShares), but I have come across a few interesting ones that I've started to read....!

From my point of view, it's interesting to pick up some shares in a small blog and then hold onto them and wait to see what happens. Every now and then, though, I'll get bored and try to push the price up myself....

It's all about the money! (Virtual capitalist bastard that I am...)

Anyway, it's a good laugh, and not at all serious - I pity the person who feels that they should (and, dare I consider it, could) manipulate the contents and writer of a blog just because they've spent time investing in a game. It's akin to thinking that you have every right to build in Mayfair just because you bought it in a game of Monopoly. (I don't know what it is in the US, but Mayfair is the most expensive property on a UK Monopoly board)
I just checked and tRJ owns my blog too.
He's quick on the self-referential links, is Mr. Hugh Macdonald. Nice to meet you, boss!
Well, I do like to check my Site Meter referral stats on a daily basis, and if I ever see an unexpected site popping up, I'll go and check it out. This was not entirely what I was expecting this time around!

If you ever decide that you want to use BlogShares, give me a shout and I'll relinquish control to you... ('control'? who am I kidding? ;) )
tRJ also owns my blog.
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