Wednesday, March 02, 2005


I'm Still Oscar

Just last week, I explained my reasons for blogging under a pseudonym, and made this point:
Folks like Professor Bainbridge, or the Volokh Conspiracy, or Althouse, or Conglomerate maintain an informal, yet not-unprofessional tone. To varying degrees they trade on their academic affiliations, and would have relatively little ground for complaint if, for example, their law schools posted something about their blogs on the law school web sites.
I am not only pseudonymous, but (again) prophetic. Althouse's law school celebrates her 1 millionth blog hit, and Althouse accepts the compliment without complaint.


Project Bozzo -- Mission Accomplished?

In less than one week, Marginal Utility has been catapulted from a 10-link "crawly amphibian" to a 250-link "large mammal" in the TTLB ecosystem. This is thanks largely to a fit of obsessive compulsive behavior on Jeremy Freese's Weblog.


Have you done anything earth shattering lately?

Read anything that really sets your mind on fire with a passion to do good?

How about doing something important for yourself?

Have you?

Do you know without a doubt where life is taking you?

Got a Plan?

Know how to get there?

Most people don't. They just go through life hoping for the best. How can you possibly reach your dreams if you don't have a real plan?

A new year is coming. It's time to start thinking about your New Years Resolution and really start planning your life don't you think. Follow through on some of those old goals you had years ago.

Even people in the goal setting business tend not to visit their "life plan" very often.

Are you one of those?

Need a little refresher and some FREE goal setting tips?

Spend a few minutes at measurable goals and take away life changing information.

Happy New Year!
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