Friday, March 18, 2005


Baseball Highlights: Testimony from the Steroids Hearings

[Proceedings before the Committee on Government Reform, United States House of Representatives. The witness: Rafael Palmiero, First baseman, Baltimore Orioles.]
HOUSE MEMBER: Mr. Palmiero, have you ever used steroids?

PALMIERO: No, Congressman, I have never used illegal steroids.

HOUSE MEMBER: Never used illegal steroids. Have you ever used performance enhancing drugs of any kind?

PALMIERO: Er.... can you please say what you mean by "performance enhancing"?


The real problem with steroids isn't that they give an unfair advantage to a player. So does good nutrition, available weight training, good coaching, etc.

The problem is that the long-term side effects are so damaging, that many players won't make the trade-off between performance and years off their lives.

But what happens when advancements in the medication reduce or eliminate the side effects? What happens when steroids, or a similar substance, is as safe as Vitamin C?

What will sports look like then?
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