Friday, February 11, 2005


Saudi's forestall U.S. invasion by setting own "fires of freedom"

RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA -- Saudi Arabia, long considered an iron-fisted, authoritarian monarchy, took a giant step toward democracy today by holding its first ever elections. Although the elections were only for the purpose of electing local government counsels, and although women are denied the right to vote, the Saudi's "new birth of freedom" is considered by experts sufficient grounds to remove Saudi Arabia from the Bush Administration's "freedom and democracy hit list."

"It's true, they were next," said a White House source speaking on condition of anonymity. "Until these elections, they wouldn't have know freedom if they tripped over it."

Under the Bush Doctrine, any middle-Eastern country is subject to preemptive military strike by U.S. forces for the purposes of establishing elected democratic government.

Saudi oil sheiks are privately breathing collective sighs of relief, since it was widely believed that President Bush is far too principled to let long-standing business and personal ties stand in the way of his bold plan to spread democracy throughout the world, if necessary by force....

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