Saturday, February 05, 2005


Comments function activated!

I have enabled the comments function! Now all of you who have been dying to comment on my posts can do so. I hope this doesn't make me an enabler.

I was inspired to do so by this discussion thread on UserFriendly, which basically said that I'm lame and have no one to blame but myself because the comments function was disabled. Blame for what? For any disappointment I may feel about blogging.

By the way, UserFriendly gave me my second spike yesterday (over 100). Meanwhile, my duration per hit numbers continue to fall (49 seconds now). However, a UserFriendly reader named "foredeck" (a sailing enthusiast?) has kindly told me not to obsess about those numbers. The explanation is not necessarily that the geeks don't like my site, but that "UFies speed-read!" (UFies, for you unhipsters, are UserFriendly folks.)

Welcome to the comment-enabling community!

Just wait until you see the blogger dinner traffic spike...
It's about time, you know. But of course, now that I can post, I have absolutely nothing of value to say. ~WS, posting "anonymously"
w00t! I like Comments :-D
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