Thursday, February 24, 2005


Calling all Monthy Python-Heads

Remember all those annoying people who not only could, but actually would, recite entire Monty Python sketches, word for word? They could be triggered at the drop of a hat, and then they would keep going several minutes until completion, accent and all, and not stop, even when you would cut in and say things like, "yeah, yeah," "or, I saw that one," or "okay, enough already," or "I'm leaving now."

Where are those people when you need them? Today, the NYT reports (in its lead story in the print version) that the Royal Navy (you know, the one with all those Her Majesty's ships) is aiming a recruitment drive to recruit more gays. They will be placing "adverts" as the Brits say.

Let's doff our caps. The United States lags behind the rest of the developed world on yet another human rights issue.

Why the Monty Python reference? I recall that back in the 70s, the sketch comedy show featured a segment consisting of mock TV ads by the "Royal Nay-vee" pitched toward gays. Prophetic. Perhaps I could confirm this vague recollection by extensive internet research, but I'd rather get a confirming email from a Python-head, who could also provide a complete recitation of the sketch...

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