Saturday, January 22, 2005


Snow day

Eight-to-ten inches of light powdery snow fell on our little community in the past day. That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

My partner B has a highly developed sense of right and wrong when it comes to driving behavior, and exacts her own brand of vigilante justice on bad drivers. Today, while walking to Grandma Moses for coffee, we were passed by no fewer than two SUVs plying the snow bound streets with a one-handed driver talking with the other hand on the cell phone. I allow “politeness” to check me from expressing my heartfelt disapproval, but B puts the common good ahead of personal comfort, and lets it rip. Because we live in a small community where she is likely to be recognized, or to encounter the person again, I like to call what she does “running for mayor.”

At the first SUV driver, B shouted: “What’s wrong with you? The driving conditions are terrible and you’re talking on a cell phone!” The comment must have penetrated the SUV’s closed window, because the driver looked at us and sort of cowered.

The second time B dropped in a few F-bombs: “What’s with you f***ing people who think you can f***ing drive when you’re talking on the f***ing cell phone!!!”

The SUV driver slunk away. B plopped down onto the snow, and with the sweetest smile, made a snow angel.

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