Monday, January 10, 2005


Are you a baby boomer?

Take this simple test!

Baby boomers (see immediately previous post) try to expand their numbers by including virtually anyone born before 1966 in their ranks, but they exaggerate by a good 8-10 years in order to gain some political advantage. To me, "baby boomer" is more of a functional concept, and is truthfully and accurately revealed by the following test:

1. Did you buy low and sell high any of the following:
a) your rambling Victorian or Craftsman house?
b) your New York, Boston or San Francisco loft or apartment condo?
c) your mutual funds?

2. Is your kids’ college tuition more than 4 times higher than your own college tuition was?

3. Did you buy your second home before the dot-com boom?

4. Are you comfortable watching any of the following:
a) Harrison Ford kissing Anne Heche?
b) Michael Douglas kissing Katie Holmes?
c) Jack Nicholson kissing?

The answer key will appear in tomorrow's post. Stay tuned!

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