Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Announcing the Nationwide "Nickname the Prez" contest

George w Bush is apparently an inveterate nicknamer. He is supposed to have wooed the press into submission in 2000, at least in part, by coming up with cute nicknames for members of his press entourage. It is only fair that he have a cute nickname of his own.

"Dubya" is not it. I don't buy into the who Bush family thing, and that's his family nickname, isn't it? It has more to do with George H.W. Bush's annoying speech mannerisms than anything about "w" himself.

I've tried in these pages, quite unsuccessfully, to build a movement for nicknaming him "w." Note that this is a lower case "w," so it's more of a print nickname, but it could profitably be pronounced "little w." I think the prez would like that.

Nevertheless, it's difficult to build a national movement, or even start a national dialogue, with a blog read by an average of 35-40 people per day, so I understand why "little w" has not caught on.

So let's make this more fun: a national "nickname the prez" competition. Email this post to half a dozen friends, or you will break the chain and have bad luck: four more years of the worst president in American history, for example.

Here's my entry in the nickname contest: "Blue-Tie."

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