Saturday, December 25, 2004


Xmas Blog

Do people read blogs on Christmas Day?

After a strong (for me) Thursday, and a good start Friday morning, I thought I was going to cruise through Christmas with my new average of 34-36 hits. But that proved to be like the early exit-polls showing Kerry with a big lead. I had only 17 hits yesterday and today am in single digits.

I wasn’t sure whether to blog today, figuring that everyone would be too deeply embedded in holiday joy and family neuroses to sit around in front of the computer surfing and reading blogs. But then I remembered how many years ago at Thanksgiving everyone got up abruptly from the dinner table to go watch NYPD Blue, leaving my mom and me sort of open-mouthed. And I thought, maybe by nightfall, many of my many readers will be going, “I can’t take this anymore – [name of relative here] is driving me crazy,” and rushing off to their computers to reconnect with the disconnected world of cyberspace and feel like themselves again.

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