Thursday, December 02, 2004


Sexy conservatives?

In “the ‘60s” (circa 1966-1975) it was a complaint among young Republican men that they were encountering difficulty getting laid. To be sexy, and get sex, one had to have at least the trappings of the counterculture, and perhaps some of the political baggage that went along with that.

Arguably, we are still suffering from the sexual disappointments of that generation of young conservatives. Let’s call it “Revenge of the Roves.”

In any event, it seems that part of the conservative political strategy has been to up their sex appeal, another of the many ironies and contradictions of the political party that kowtows to the Religious Right. Perhaps this makes total sense, given the recent survey showing that “Red States Love 'Desperate Housewives' and 'Playboy'.”

Sexy in Cyberspace. It must be sweeps week or something in the blogosphere, because in a related development, rising star blogger Althouse has been cited at the top of two recent surveys, one as the one of the “Best Conservative Blogs” and another as No. 1 of “The Five Sexiest Blogs on the Net.”

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