Monday, December 13, 2004


O(h no)mar

Here we go again?

I was very excited back in September when the Mets hired Omar Minaya as GM. I assumed he would bring the horsetrading smarter-than-the-other guy skill that made him seem to do wonders with the hapless Montreal Expos, keeping them far less than horrible for no money down.

It's starting to look like that was just thrift smarts, and that Minaya operating in an environment with a bankroll and a premium on newsmaking deals is just as willing as his predecessors to damn the rebuilding and throw lots of dumb money at past-their-prime players who are not getting the smart money. Four years of Pedro Martinez on the downside of his career, for the low, low price of $52 million. Check out Flushing Local's definitive take on Pedro. Yeah, he's a bit younger and better than Tom Glavine was when the Mets signed him to a regrettable 4-year deal, but that would make him, what, a .500 pitcher? Look for one more good year from Pedro (15-10 ish) followed by 3 years of .500 with a lot of 6- inning starts. I think the entire Expos (Washington Nationals?) roster was available for $50 million.

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