Thursday, December 23, 2004


4:00 p.m. Grandma Moses, again

I’m back at Grandma Moses. It’s just the best, period. Can’t beat that free internet access, and the iced coffee... yes, I ordered it, and Claire behind the counter called me insane, gesturing toward the door – no doubt referring to the single digit temperatures outside. But the iced coffee combines a rich, unsweetened-chocolaty goodness with a fresh palate-cleansing clarity. It’s the perfect thing after a day of drinking hot coffee.

So what have I learned today? I’ve learned that you can catch a pretty wicked coffee buzz even after several cups of decaf, not to mention some serious acid stomach.

I’ve learned that coffeehouses that expect you to sign up for access to their wireless internet, when the signup procedure requires going on line, are messing with your head. I can’t engage in that level of planning to set myself up for a coffee day.

I’ve learned that coffee days are better when you sit down in one place and let the changing ebb and flow of the day wash over you rather than move restlessly from place to place in search of – what?

And I’ve learned that you need to keep your backpack light and your mouse right-side up. Owie.

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