Thursday, December 23, 2004


10:15 a.m. – Luna Café

I’ve gone off real time, and I’m now blogging on Word Perfect – will post at the next oppy – because Luna Café provides internet access via subscription to “Café Connection” and I’m too cheap to sign up. I won’t be here that long anyway. Luna is not one of my favorites. Unlike Grandma Moses, which by the way has “free” wireless access (they ask for a quarter donation if you log on) and lets the employees choose the CDs, the progressive jazz soundtrack at Luna can only have been pre-selected by the owners and gives the place a kind of Starbucks “our background music is so great we’ll put it on a CD and sell it to you” feel. My tiny mug – about halfway between a regular mug and an espresso cup – is filled with a slightly over-roasted Organic Fair Trade El Salvador. In the summer, the iced-coffee situation is dire – iced Americanos (hot espresso poured over ice) rather than brewed and chilled coffee.

Luna is also sub-optimally located. Across the river from Gra-Mo’s and Rude ‘N’ Slows, it’s usually out of my way. Also, it’s on a funny part of the street where a lack of nearby stoplights creates an almost continuous flow of fast-moving traffic, so if you park opposite Luna, trying to cross the street is like playing a live game of Frogger.

Still, Luna has its charms – some cute decor, including the best oil can collection I’m likely to see today. It has a delightful back garden for outdoor seating in the summer. It fronts on the bike path, and I sometimes sit out there and imagine the cyclists who stop by and come through the back for coffee are like riverboat traffic on the old Mississippi.

Today, the Luna had the sticky bun with honey and chopped walnuts – a breakfast pastry I had come to love but which, it seemed, had been banished from our town – and a really cute couple is playing Scrabble on a travel set where Chicklet-sized tiles snap into grooves on the board. You gotta like that.

But the mod, stylish chairs are kind of uncomfortable, and the barn-sized glass doors in the back, which are so delightful in the summer, are letting the cold blast through. My feet are freezing! Gotta blow this joe-joint, and I’m not even going to get my free refill.

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