Friday, November 05, 2004


More on Kerry's premature resignation

Did Kerry Win?

I was angry and shooting from the hip on Wednesday, but it's looking like there's strong reason to believe that I am right in arguing that any Democratic candidate post-2000 has a duty to his party and his supporting voters to fight until it is clear that every vote is counted and the election is clearly over. Kerry failed to fulfill that duty. The reports from Ohio leave the issue very much in doubt. Kerry owed it to us to continue the fight in order to clarify that issue and give political impetus for needed reforms to fix critical flaws in the voting system. Check out these stories on Slate and Tom Paine suggesting that our worst fears came to pass -- that there was pro-Bush fraud in paperless e-voting systems that determined the outcome of the election.

Because Kerry backed down at the critical moment, these concerns are at present relegated to what is considered liberal fringe media -- when they should be center stage.

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