Sunday, October 31, 2004


Kerry loses the Althouse vote

.... again?

Althouse was so ticked off about receiving an automated campaign phone call from actor Hal Linden, that her irriation spilled over from Kerry onto Linden himself. Apparently the pre-recorded call from the 73-year-old-Linden, whose claim to fame is playing the title role in "Barney Miller" from 1975-1982, is aimed at seniors who are worried about Bush's plans to privatize social security:
Now I know what you think of me, Kerry campaign. It's really a collection of insults: I'm old, I watch crap TV, and I want my money.
Poor Hal Linden -- forgotten by Althouse (who had to Google his name) but his show remembered as "crap." And worst of all, his message lost in the melee of insults.

I recall "Barney Miller" being pretty good for a sitcom of that era -- much funnier than current sitcoms of comparable production values, like "Home Improvement" or "Everybody Loves Raymond." And the Republican wish to turn our entire social welfare system into a series of tax-deferred savings accounts -- which favor higher earners, who can sock more money away year-to-year -- really scares me.

Meanwhile, the larger implication is that Kerry, who has managed to lose Althouse's vote repeatedly during the campaign, has done so again with less than 48 hours left before the election!

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