Sunday, October 31, 2004


It's all over

Kerry wins, 28-14!

John Kerry unleashed a powerful passing attack for the third straight week, as he defeated George w Bush at Bush's home Enron-Halliburton Stadium, 28-14. The game shouldn't even have been that close, as Kerry dominated the first half amassing over 250 yards, but due to penalties and turnovers, he was only able to build a 17-7 halftime lead. In the fourth quarter,
[Bush], trailing 20-14, thought [he] scored the go-ahead touchdown on a 43-yard reception by Clinton Portis with 2:35 to play. But the celebrations died quickly when the play was called back for an illegal motion penalty on receiver James Thrash. [Why didn't they ask for a recount???] On the next play, Al Harris intercepted Mark Brunell's pass and returned the ball 29 yards. Ahman Green scored on an 11-yard run four plays later, and a 2-point conversion sealed the victory.
I don't really believe the superstition about the correlation between the Redskins' last pre-election home game and election results, but I suppose it's as accurate a predictor as the Gallup Poll...

Okay, Packer fans, let's get out there and vote for Kerry.

I was going to leave a little tip on New Years Resolutions and how to make the best of them.

Unfortunately, I would not be able to keep it brief.

Goal setting takes effort and you really have to know how to do it to do it well. Especially the follow-up.

That's why I've included a lot of FREE goal setting information on my website, to help folks like you be more successful.

In fact, you can start now, and get a head start on the new year - and the rest of your life.

Think goal setting isn't important? Spend a little time at long term goals and you'll change your mind.

Have a GREAT day!
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