Monday, July 02, 2007


Blogging hiatus

B and I are taking our first side trip away from Berlin. I don't know how much internet access there will be and so we're probably not even taking our computers. So if you hear nothing from me until this coming Saturday or Sunday, don't worry!

Where are we going? Here's a clue:


I'm not very good at these. Last time, I took George Clooney and Matt Damon and got Lake Como, Italy where they filmed quite a bit of Ocean's 12 and hung out for most of the filming.

The hounds have apparently been released and have subdued the would be perp.

If you are going where I think you are, then here's a phrase for you. "Cock-uhl-tea." means how are you.
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Okay, seriously -- you're in Dubrovnik, aren't you? Either that or you're bringing home a puppy.
I hope you're back.

By the way, you're it.
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