Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Report: Yellow plastic wristbands to be phased out

Those yellow plastic wristbands, which were officially demoted to "no longer cool" status some months ago,* are to be phased out by years end, according to a recent statement by a leading consortium of fashion trendsetters.

"Everybody's kid sister has been wearing them since whenever," said the unnamed fashion industry source.

As of midnight December 31, 2005, the wristbands will be downgraded to "dorky."

*Author's note: Just Thoughts Janelle and I seem to be going through some sort of mind meld recently.

No more yellow wrist bands? That's the best news I've heard all week.

Normally, this mind meld thing would freak me out. Just a little. However, since it is with you, I'm flattered!
Oh, and I hope this post is "for real" -- that the wrist bands are being phased out -- and that this not another one of your brilliant satire pieces!
I thought those were just heavy duty rubber bands that some "genius" marketed as "jewelery", similar to the chicken droppings encased in plastic jewelery that was all the rage in the 80's (or at least mocked on "60 Minutes" in the 80's).

I suppose my hair tie "bracelet" is a REALLY lame fashion statement. (especially if it's actually in my hair instead of on my wrist)
It's about time. Though they should take all those other colors along with them. Oh, and those magnetic ribbon things. Putting a magnet on your car does nothing for your cause, if it's even your cause. Most likely, you're just trying to be cool. I hate those things.
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