Monday, July 11, 2005


Three Conversations with B: #3, Sensible sandals

An open letter to B

Dear B,

In reference to our recent conversation, what I really meant to say was that I do like your sandals. They're very cute in a sensible sort of way.




Sensibly cute. I like that. and you. B
Okay, B. Sensible and cute. But: is it just me, or would a smaller size have been more... fitting?
I have been holding back on responding to this post. For now I will just point out that, even putting aside whether or not the sandals are "cute," they seem uncommonly wide.

I am wondering if an intervention may be in order.
I really am trying not to slam those sandals because I am the queen of comfortable footwear for women. Nonetheless, I've developed an entire riff on B's sandals.

One question: Are they orthopedic sandals? Does B have some sort of foot ailment?
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