Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Shame of the city

Garbage pickup day: the aftermath

may-5-05 003

[Please note: this is not in any way a slam on trash collectors. They have a dirty, difficult job with more than their fair share of risk of occupational injury. Nor is it a knock on my neighbors who may or may not be dilatory in putting their trash cans back after garbage pickup. There are no villains here. Only victims.]

The following photos show the results of garbage pickup day in my neighborhood. As you can see, it was a disaster. Was it a drunken trash can debauch? A massacre? All I know is that hardly a can was left standing.

may-5-05 011

The sidewalks were lined for miles:


Both sides of the street were hit indiscriminantly:


A family of four:

may-5-05 012

The horror, the horror.


So you bought a new camera and all you can take pictures of is garbage and not garbage?

Where are the obligatory cute critter and child photos? Or unusual and funny signage that may be scattered across your community? Or a photo of your computer (with or without the "transparent screen"?)

Your dedicated readers demand a wider varitey of photos!
What? No pictures of garbage cans that have rolled or been tossed into the middle of the street??
I'll bet the neighbors wondered what you were doing out there with your camera all morning. They probably think you're a little creepy.
LOL . . . was it a windy day? Some days here, as soon as the garbage cans are empty they and the lids are rolling and flying all over the neighborhood at the mercy of wind and dogs.
Today was trash day in my neighborhood and the streets didn't look anything like your photos. Sure, a few trash cans were on their sides, but the vast majority were upright -- having been left that way by sanitation workers after collecting the trash. And today was a rainy and windy day. So, what explains the different experience by Oscar on his side of town?
Imagine the carnage when Madison goes to automated pick up bins.
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