Sunday, May 15, 2005


Comments on comments

I confess. I love getting comments, and feel lost when one of my posts that I think is clever gets no comments. (I don't ask for much -- sometimes just one comment makes me feel totally validated!)

The best thing about the comments function is that it's like getting mail and links from really interesting bloggers out there. So in case you haven't been systematically reading my comments and clicking through, I submit the following for your consideration:

Jo(e) at Jo(e)'s Page is, among other things, a talented photographer -- though Mother's Day is not celebrated chez elle, her kids "are pretty nice to [her] on a regular basis." ("Every day is a mother's day"? )

Kathy at Freshman 44 hails from "Stepford, California" -- is that a real place, or the place where Stepford Wives are from?

Corndog at Corndoggerel -- his banner logo alone makes his blog worth a visit.

Yankee Transplant (same "Blue" family as Phantom Scribbler?) may be the only commenter in whom I succeeded in arousing envy of my home town's car-towing policy.

Wendy, creator of Wendy's Garage Sale, would be an awesome blogger should she choose to start one, but I know for a fact that she would be hard pressed to find the time.

Jane King somehow makes time for two blogs.

Purple Kangaroo blames it on the wind.

Kathy at Vindauga is apparently making a run at my Google ranking for "big butt" searches.

Finally, is it presumptuous to thank "my regulars" in the comments? You know who you are. I love you guys


If I comment on your blog, will you comment on mine?
I consider my non-blogging website(s) to contain enough personal journalesque material to satisfy my blogging-gene. Although, now that I've discovered that I can install actual blogging software on my websites, I have been considering it. I'll probably be considering it for quite some time to come. If it doesn't kill my e-zine, I just may blog...
Oh boy! Are you staring a new commenting pixie party here? Are you sure you want to do that? It can get crazy...
Whoa, that would be a problem. Some excessive bandwidth there...
You are inviting comments? Oh, be careful what you wish for ....
LOL . . . it took me a while to figure out what you meant by "Purple_Kangaroo blames it on the wind." I had to go back and look at the comment I'd left below before I realized you were talking about tipped over garbage cans.

I must say, though, I agree about the comments. A few comments on my blog can really make my day.
Hey. Thanks for the shout. Thanks to Phantom for pointing me here.

"Stepford" is not real. Not in any way.
Wow, what great comments. I just had to comment on them. :)

Actually, I've found several great blogs through the comments here that I never would have seen otherwise. Thanks!
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