Thursday, March 03, 2005


Play Ball!

My New York Mets stumbled in the spring training opener, losing 5-3 to The Washington Nationals. How cool is it that there is now a major league team called The Washington Nationals, the first season in 34 years in which our nation's capital has fielded an MLB team.

I don't care that that the Nats (as they will doubtless be affectionately dubbed) are playing in the National League unlike their two Washington-based predecessors. There's still a vintage, traditional feel to it -- very 1910ish. And for people like me who remember the expansion Washington Senators before they moved to become the Texas Rangers, I'm delighted that they've reintroduced the bright red hats with the curly W! Memory lane!

Finally, an epiphenomenal benefit of a Washington MLB team is that it will cut down on the President travelling around the country to throw out first balls. It looks disloyal for him to do it outside the DC park.


Another benefit for some of us is that the financing details of the Nats' new park make Blue-Tie the perfect President to throw out the first pitch there, assuming it's completed in time for the '08 season. Particularly if they end up choosing the Ballpark at Arlington's architect for the project.
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